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Patrick Katzen

Most musicians are unable to sustain themselves financially through their music, and are forced to find a day-job. There are several reasons why this happen. Among the most important are: Piracy, Fierce competition in a very unforgiving environment, Inability to Market themselves effectively, Mismanagement, Lack of resources, etc. This is rather sad, since musicians endear us with a valuable product. Can you imagine a world without music?

PKZ Promotions (pronounced, PK Zee Promotions) came about as a result of an observation of the plight of aspiring musicians, by its founder Patrick Katzen.

Patrick is an experienced educator, business and corporate person. He holds a BSc degree in Mathematics & Physics, and a Senior Teacher's diploma from UWC, a BSc degree in Electrical Engineering from UCT. 

After several years of teaching, and working as an Engineer with various huge corporations, Patrick resigned in 2008 to pursue his own business interests.  

In view of the challenges faced by most musicians, his passion for music, the rapid growth of the internet and mobile cell phone industry, coupled with an insatiable quest to find a product that has universal appeal, Patrick formulated and implemented the concept of PKZ Promotions. 

We are a group of like-minded entrepreneurs who are passionate about music. We capitalize on two of the most influential modern business tools, namely the Internet and the Cellphone.

We created a platform where musicians and fans converge for a common purpose – the enjoyment of music for reward.

Our Vision

To create an infrastructure and ambiance for the stimulation, development, expression and enjoyment of musical talent.

Our Mission

To discover, nurture and develop musical talent and then use the power of the cell phone, the internet and word of mouth advertising to create sustainability for our artists as well as an income opportunity for those who engage in promoting our artists.